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Self Development

Self Development or Silly Devilment ???

Who wants to develop??? I mean, who wants to have more fun, get more out of life and just well, be better than you are today???

Do you ?

It’s really a lot easier than you may think.

I heard something yesterday that to me sums up self development to a tee :

Success follows happiness more than Happiness follows success.”

In other words if you work on being happy right now then everything else gently falls into place. It takes a little time but as long as you keep bringing your focus back to finding something to be happy about, something to appreciate, love, things do start to get better and easier.

To me its simple – I am going to get deep here, so hold on to something if necessary!! We are all a lot more than just flesh and blood, we are body mind and soul, and it’s because the soul part keeps getting neglected that we fall into ruts. Now the neglect is not purposeful, its simply that we have never really been taught how to care for it properly.

Do you want to know the simplest way to start??

One of the easiest ways, believe it or not, is listen to your instinct, your gut feeling, that my friends is soul communication….and the more you pay attention to it the stronger it becomes, but if you have never really gone along with your instinctive feelings before then they are going to be subtle and faint to being with,

Let me give you an example. You are walking down the street and your instinct or gut feeling tells you to stop and go into a certain shop, ever had that? Well if you are the type of person who actually listens to these feelings you will probably have found something in that shop you have been looking for or bumped into someone and had one of those “rare” conversations.

Its really fun to do this, at first it can feel like you are being a little silly, doing things just because you get an inner nudge, but once you start to trust those feelings you will find a lot of hidden treasures and beauty in places that were once dull or drab.

Don’t go it alone though, read some books on self development to help keep you on the right track, there are literally thousands and thousands on the subject. My favourite is “You can Heal you Life” by Louise Hay. If you want to take things a bit deeper then I truly recommend anything by Abraham-Hicks.

Well, I hope this was of some use to you, just remember – Have Fun !!!



Psychic Development


Let me share this thought with you:

Have you ever had one of those days when you wished your world would just end, so you could find some peace (sound familiar).

When everything you do, say, try, hope for, etc.etc. seems to be wrong, can’t get a “bloody thing” correct, you are in utter desperation, through no fault of your own (so you think)!!! I can just hear you say “Woe is me”.

So what are you going to do about it?

The answer of course is find out who you really are and why so many things appear to be going wrong in your life. As you must always keep in mind the saying “Like Attracts Like”. So be careful for what you wish for as it might just come true.

Your search must therefore come from within to find your psyche, the ability to attune yourself to psychic and mediumistic energies, to find out what makes you the person you appear to be.

It is only when you become attuned to your own source energy, sometimes referred to as (incarnate, spirit, soul, psychic, mediumistic or whatever name you feel most comfortable with).

To find one’s peace of mind is not so very difficult (in my opinion) to do, the simplest, easiest way is by relaxation, meditation, positive thinking, affirmations, learning how to love yourself and share that with others.

In my search for these things I have discovered an excellent site for you to look at dealing with many aspects of the above
where you will find a lot of help and inspiration both psychic and spiritual.
Enjoy your search.

When you become attuned to your own source energy and are more confident about who you are, then things do not seem to be so severe and whatever occurrences come your way (good or bad) you can begin to see them in a more positive way, thereby making you better able to cope with life in general. Once you have taken that huge step (which is rightly yours) in finding yourself, then there is no going back, things just begin to get better and better and nothing will seem the same again!!!

Finally when all things come together (mind, body and spirit) we become the whole “package” and nothing can separate you from who you really are, a wonderful  human being, placed upon this earth plane, source energy encased within a physical body “until such time as you wish to join with discarnate source energy on your final life’s journey. (but of course, that is only when you have fulfilled your earthly desires).
I am going to shut-up now and  leave you in peace with my final thought “What you recognise in others, might well be an image of you, for that is the only way you can recognise it” so try and always seek for the best in those you meet throughout your life, as it is a reflection of yourself. Try at least once a day to make someone happy.

In my “auld man’s words” (my father). “If you can’t think of something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

Cheerio the noo, you can catch me anytime on my website.

Beatrice McCaig